Monster PD20W Series

1. Rare hue, aesthetics paragon;
2. Same capacity, half the thickness;

3. 10000mAh super HD battery cell;

4. 11mm minimum thickness;

5. Advanced fast charge, chargeable pc, 

    support PD fast charging to charge 

    tablet pc and laptop;

6. Eight radian faces, extremely good grip;

7. 2015 Apple's first single type-c laptop

     creat all-round single port; 

    2016 HUAWEI's first single type-c touch

    laptop popularize single port;

    2021 Maxco's first single type-c power 

    bank lead charge-discharge in one;

Product Parameters

Battery Cell Type: A+ grade lithium

                         polymer battery

Capacity: 10000mAh/38Wh
Nominal capacity:5800mAh/(5V2.1A)

Rated Input: Type-C DC 5V/3A  DC9V/2A 


Rated Output: Type-C  DC 5V/3A  DC9V/2.22A


Self-charging Time: Around 7-8hrs(5V/2.1A)
                           Around 4-5hrs(9V/2A)
 Dimension: :11*132*66mm(mm)
Product weight:182g
Material: aluminum alloy +ABS
Interface: Type-C
Technology: Surface and bottom shell oxidation

Packing List