MAXCO has long valued pay attention to consumer rights protection. Any questions about our MAXCO products, you will get our promote response.

We will provide our quality services for you.

MAXCO perform the guaranteed of repairing, changing and refunding after-sales service. To protect your rights,

please keep the invoice when you purchase our MAXCO product.

MAXCO global service hotline: 400-777-5995, or mail us

Please read carefully, and contact the local vendors when product during use found the unusual circumstances, so that timely repairs.

Ordinary Maintenance

1. Please keep the power bank away from water and fire, high(>45℃)or low (<-20℃) temperature environment. Please do not use as a toy.

2. In order to avoid the protector from damaging, please do not dismantle or change the structure of the product. Otherwise it might cause the product to overheat and burst.

3. Do not scratch the surface with sharp objects. Do not throw, shake or dismantle the power bank.

4. Clean only with a soft dry cloth and keep away from chemical and powerful cleaning agents.

Warranty Policy

Please pay attention:

A Please provide the following information:


2.Complete information warranty card


B Warranty period

1.Battery Pack: 1 year,

2.USB cable: 6 months

C Warranty limitations:

1.From MAXCO products

2. Include package and accessories

3.This limited warranty does not cover the following circumstances:

○ Product warranty period has expired

○ Damage to force majeure

○ Product damaged by split unauthorized

○ The content of documents and MAXCO product mark does not match or altered

○ Not the product problem: compatibility issues, dissatisfied with product color, appearance, shape, etc

○ Improper handling or remain idle for a long time, except unfounded MAXCO product instructions warning, remind damaged

○ Not the product quality problem, man-made damage, such us case damaged, split, crack, broken, burst, liquid erosion etc